I am writing in English

I was thinking about it to write a few lines in this blog in a different language very carefully.

But, in order to open this blog to a new worlds of readers, who does not understand spanish, I will start this section, I will write in english. This blog, I Think, is bilingual starting today.

I am writing This lines with the help of a dictionary Spanish/English English/Spanish. I used to use it during high school.

To me, write in english is much easier than talk it. But I feel a little rusty because since I finished an english course, few years ago, my only practices are reading comic books, listening musica and some text message with friends, one of them is an english teacher in the city of Cumaná, a city in the east of my country Venezuela.

I was one of many kids from my country who english was hard to learn during the days of elementary school. But I started singing  The Beatles songs, my favorite band, in a poor way. A cousin of mine started to teach me, she lived in England and United States a long time ago, and she is my greatest teacher since that day. I also learnt the real english during the year I lived in Spain, I learn The England way to talk with a smoker teacher.

During my days of high school and senior year I practice english with my cousin and teacher. I was proud of my grades, I never studied english because I learnt it very well. But high grades does not help in the real world. I figure that when I was spending fifteen days in Orlando, Florida.

And finally I took an english course, I had to take few subject in College in order to have to study english and The subjects in college.

I am keeping practicing reading comics, mangas (I do not know japanese) listening music and having short talks with my cousin and friends. I forget, watching Tv series like Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men and movies in english, I prefer listening what the actors are saying to read the subtitles, keep me in a strange shape to been here writing, and sometimes, thinking in english.

To finish this lines I give you, new readers, The Welcome to this site of the internet and hope you enjoy the stay.


Un comentario el “I am writing in English

  1. Una opinion que podrias tomar como recomendación… hay varios blogs que dividen sus temas en ambos idiomas, podrias tu practicarlo tambien no crees?, me refiero a que en vez de hacer temas en ingles y otros en español… hacer en una misma publicacion el tema en español y separado por una linea horizontal hacer la misma publicacion en ingles…


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