It is a very good question ¿Why am I doing this? And there are my answers. Because I want to offer something that some readers who do not understand spanish can read and comment about the things I am writing today.

Other reason is that I get bore of the many witch hunters  in the Venezuelan otaku pocket universe. You can not have a different point of view because you became their prey. I am not quitting, I am going to write my opinions,  but I am finding, or trying to,  get new readers.

Simply ¿Right?

I hate vampires. i respect Dracula the novel from Stoker. I started to get sick of the blood suckers when I finished Interview with the vampire from Anne Rice. I do not understand why many girls like Twilight. It is a very bad example to young girls. Meyer  creates a relationship build on dependency, and sales it like  a romantic novel. The vampires  do not shine when they walk under the sun light. Every best seller writer, every girl who writes in websites like fiction Press are better than her.

Somethings you can not change. God if Meyer used zombies with cotton candy afro instead shinning vampires some people were relax. Thanks Batman I am not the only one who hate Twilight.

I am going to write a best seller. The love between an english wizzard ninja vampire, a werewolf samurai bisexual and the loser girl new in town.  I forget Jim, the invisible boy who is the football team leader and his zombie dog. They will sing and dance. It is going to be an amazing movie and TV series.