During the days I was living in Spain I got my first comic. I was ten years, if the memory do not fail me, My first comic was the final issue of  X men The age of Apocalypse. O h boy, I could not understand was happening in those pages, but I was amazed with the art and of course Magneto kicking ass of every bad guy. Later  I was reading the comics strips, I can not remember the name of the newspaper, of european classics like Lucky Luke, Tintin, Asterix, Spirou and Fantasio and many others. Later my father bought me the comic, this one draw by the spanish comic artist Francisco Ibañez, Mortadelo y Filemon, a comedy spanish duo.

Many years passed and I watched a documentary about superheros comics in the History Channel, and again I was amazed with the complexity of the masked men and women. But only of their adventures I needed to read, that became my third comics, a TPB of Batman A death in the Family.

No matter what happen with Superman, Spiderman or Batman, I feel them more complex than any manga/anime character. Because they feed with real issues, they do not (except Superman) explodes planets, their motivations are more realistic (Goku in order to fight he needs a friend dead and some others) in other cases real world mixes with the fantasy, like Tintin or Asterix, in order to make an adventure more closer to the readers.

I like manga but I feel that something is missing between tons of toys, videogames, and fan service. Makes me wonder if Am I a very unusual guy.

My collection is not so big, few things come from the silver age o the dark times of the ninety, they come from Marvel, Dc, Vertigo, Max, Bonelli, Dancing elefant and many independent companies like tow issues of Heavy Metal and the first issue of Nexus. I have to admit, I get a lot of comics, and more are coming.

I do not care if a TPB, an issue, a graphic novel. I always love comics, every page opens a new world, a new fantasy waiting to be read.