All the public universities in Venezuela were on strike. The reason was simply. The teachers and their wages of the last months. The state owe then a lot of money. But there are more reason to be on strike. Every public university in Venezuela is a victim of thieves, we do not count with a good security system, neither a good transport system.

We were on strike during two days, hoping the president can think about the things he is doing to the education in the country.

I can not remember the last time I went to the movies. The last movie I saw was Iron Man 2. Few goods movies come to my country, in other cases boring movies are more than the good ones.

Very saturday ago I met some friends in a small mall in my city. We talked a lot about a lot of things and we ate pizza, one of my weakness. We move to another mall a bit bigger, There we ate pizza. I can not remember when was the last time we talked  about something else away from the dramas of the otaku world, we talked about things like studies, remembering things of the past days. But we talked about the otaku dramas, we could not escape to the otaku drama, sadly. But that saturday, three years ago we were in a very fancy club in the city, we were at tle last good anime convention in our city. And we met , I Think, few weeks later, well I met Jore years later in the anime shop at downtown.

Remeber those days, and the locomotion channel, I was nostalgic. But some people of those days  I prefer to keep then in the blur of the past, because we take separated ways and I feel fine. We do not talk anymore.