An Interesting experience, read a book in English 2

To me, read this book was a mayor experience. I always wanted to read something  in the genre of cyberpunk, and nothing more to read the masterpiece of that style of literature; the cult novel called Do androids dreams with electric sheep?

The author of the novel, Philip K Dick published this work in 1968 and I think is very modern and is very close to the dark reality we are living now. Set in a dystopian future and nearly destroyed by a nuclear war, the humans explore the space and set colonies in planet like Mars, the less lucky stay in the earth and fight to survive.  The bounty hunter, Rick Deckard and the lame Isidore are the example of that. One takes the order to retrieve 6 androids and Isidore is used not only by the coworkers and his life as a helper of the fugitives. This a very dark, complex and very deep plot that search something we are missing today, the fundamental question  what its mean to be human around a world more and more technological  and less emotional?

See Your Space Cowboy





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