I watched many movies and T.V shows about teenagers, and many of them the famous “Prom Night” is something big, a major point in the script wit good (and no too good) ending.

To be honest I wonder why that night is so important? I understand the fact is the night of anything can happen, but to rest is a mystery to me.

From Carrie, She is al that, My Life as Liz, The Hard Times and others, “Prom Night” is the final chapter of a stage, and a I assume, the first steps into a new life far from the school.   I know movies and T.V shows didn´t portrait real life as it is, but the screenwriters are inspired, again I am guessing, by real life events and some part of the tradition of “Prom Night”

To be honest, I read the last week few articles about this topic in webpages like “Cracked.com” and “Buzzfeed” but they didn´t have a  good number of people writing about  this topic and I am thinking that many young people of USA  see “Prom Night” with a very different point of view  that Hollywood show it. According to that, “Prom Night” is the last chance to prove something, the night of anything can happen if you want a happy ending and something to remember the rest of your life.

But few people show the other side of that tradition, “Carrie” and  “My Life as Liz” showed an odd point of view; To Carrie is her breaking point and she is going to take revenge; to Liz is the night where she finds out many things about herself, her friends and her rival, making this a strange bittersweet ending of her school days.

And what I have to say about college societies? The only, and few things in common with the student union in my college is the group of boys and girls making parties  and others social activities. The very big difference (again, in my Alma Mater), alcohol is forbidden  inside the college campus.

The only movie I remember about college societies is “Revenge of the Nerds”; the raw conflict between the nerds and the jocks. The movie got few sequels but I am not sure if I watched them, I have blurry memories about the first one and the second.

But this is a “support” topic in movies like Urban Legends, an episode in Futurama about a monkey with an amazing hat ands its tribulations using its smart brain and, of course, Bender and the Robot House pranks.

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