The day, 31th of October, the holiday Halloween and everything is scary and trick or treat is the order of the day.

To be honest, I don´t remember when this holiday came to my country and spawned something more grotesque than monster or devils, the good old (and scary) “this holiday is not ours, this is an invention from the evil” or “this holiday is not from our culture and folklore”. And that my good  friends, is very scary.

But I remember, other repulsive thing, the hypocrisy.  Even me right now I am a big hypocrite to write in the language of the “evil empire” and every citizen of Venezuela who sells something allegoric to this macabre holiday, like masks and even parties in night clubs; well somebody is really taking very serious his job.  To the big night clubs in every city, bookshops and big fat stores decorates their inside with spider webs, bats and witches. Well Mr. smart pants, Where is my Halloween TV shows with horror b movies?

We gladly accept the (sometimes hideous) music  from our neighbors like salsa, merengue, bossa nova and even rock (for God sake) and even “more traditional holidays” like Christmas are well accepted; but not Halloween.; men some zombies and werewolf must crying about this.

In recent days, violence, madness and chaos rule Venezuela with iron (bloody) fist, this country looks like a some terror b movie with some plot and budget. Many mans dies in horrible causes, the every day situation became something from the mind of Poe or Dante and the citizens hide their sorrow with a smile in their faces. Is very horrible, to me.  An this is very  opposite view of the horizon; away from the 31th of October; Hell, in Venezuela everyday is Halloween, everyday humans and the ark side of their minds dance together under the sun.