This is the first book I read from the author James Clavell, and the first book I read from the Asian saga He wrote. My father got a lot of books of him, but no in English, He read part of the Asian saga in Portuguese, a long time ago.
Shogun is the history of a stranger in a stranger land. A British sailor who landfall in Japan, before months before a great that change the history of the small country. Blackthorn and some of his crew had sailed using a Portuguese map and find Japan a new country, hoping to find a place far way from the greedy hands of the Spanish and Portuguese, sadly the Portuguese are there too. But the Japanese people of power, the shoguns, are not very happy with them; One of them see an opportunity, to improve his army, the art of war with the knowledge of this stranger.
Anything the reader can´t understand about the Japanese culture, Blackthorn too. He is looking a way to escape from the claws of that man, but when he get some power and money is fooled to stay, no matter the cost to make Toranaga the new shogun of that land.
This is an amazing book, and a hard one too. At least to me, not because this is one of the largest book I have ever read and is full with technical English (about sailing). But, I repeat, is a great work and one the books I learned a lot of things about Japan, history and this language.


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