I always wanted to say something about me, this lines appears in my mind during a long walk home.
In the politics and talking about economy, I consider myself as a neo liberal with some ideas from this new thing called center wing. People are important in the politic life, every citizen had something to say and something to share in the market, market that need to be free. The government is a referee in our society and no t a big player within it.
I play Magic the Gathering, but now I play only for fun. With the pauper state of the economy of my pocket (and country) buy new cards is something far away from me and without an official shop is hard. My two decks works fine. I played few times Dungeons and Dragons, but one of the parties simple stop to reunite, due of some family issues of the dungeon master.
I really hate when you met some friends and they can´t talk, they are hiding behind the telephone, taking pictures and sharing it on the social networks, and if they aren´t doing that, they are talking about the online gaming adventure.
It´s hard to me find something to write about in English and due I can write more easily en Spanish (because is my first language), is the reason why are more post in one language than other. In the near future I want to equal the things. I started to write English in my blog, long time ago, and waiting for something like readers from far away, from corners of this planet where English is an option to open news opinions.
I enjoy reading comics, mangas and books. If Venezuela change its ways someday (well, the majority of the citizen) I will gladly take the job as a book critic, sharing my opinions about the books I read with others, that job will bring me some joy. I think is a long waiting due the fact many citizen of Venezuela don´t like to read.