The personal dystopia

This is a hard question to ask. Is Venezuela a utopian society or simple a decadent society?

To me, is more the second thing than the other one. In a country whose in charge often claim they are from the people (but the steal their money from taxes, publics fond and many other things) and live a very wealthy live, something is rotten. And more when their call themselves socialist.

While many of the citizen have to wait for hours to buy basic things like toilet paper, food and many other; many of the offspring of the very important person from the socialist party doesn’t feel shame at all when they share their pictures from privates jets, their taking their studies now in countries like France and mane of them aren’t living in Venezuela.

In recent days, the socialist party gave more economic power to the military forces, the other band of vultures; I can understand why they are working together to bleed dry the country and the people. Is very well known they harsh way they behave to the citizen and especially to the citizen, like me, we show no respect to the “Venezuelan revolution”.

Those two are showing their real colors right now, since the oil prices are lowing, they are finding what are left to steal and making some time to make the big escape;   and they understand that local currency is worthless and they need some of the seed of evil, they need to find wherever they are every single  dollars.

And the traitors are other, they can do this because many people see them like a new kind of people´s heroes and they can do whatever they want to do.




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