An Interesting experience, read a book in English. The companions.

This is the first book I read of the fantasy author called R.A Salvatore, and what the odds! This book took the mythology of the famous board game called Dungeons and Dragons, and makes the epic adventure more familiar to the reader (in case, the reader had played the game in some occasion, like me).

A brave dwarf king, a bold thieve and a girl with the power of a druid are the friends of a legendary elf (not the one I know in the multiverse of Magic, The Gathering, the outlaw Ezuri) are back in the world of the living, they are old friends who died and some gods bring them again to life, in new bodies, to search for their friend and help him again.  There is something very odd in the multiverse, and that elf is the only one who can stop it, but like every hero he needs the good deeds of his friends.

The dwarf king gad returned as a humble soldier, the small thieve is again running for his life, and the girl with the power of a druid is raised by the people of the desert. But someone wants the band apart, the chosen ones dead and they are not the exception. And this is the starting point of the search, the heroes’ journey is internal and external at the same time, they need to find their friend and must importantly who they were and they are back in the world of living with new identities. This is an epic adventure, but very close to the reader, one I can´t forget so easily no matter how lame was the final meeting of the band.



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