A long time ago I saw the movie based on this science fiction comedy novel and I wonder one little thing, what could be the difference between the source material and this adaptation?  Well, I find it reading the adventures of Arthur Dent and his wacky galactic friends to save their life and find something very philosophical, the answer of the big question.

I like science fiction like the most hardcore fan, but with the comedy add a new factor with the narrative; the jokes are clever and it´s very hard try not to laugh hard. To me, it was the hardest part for one reason, I was reading this book during my days working far away from my home and living with my olds aunt who’s sleeping habits I was trying to respect, and there is nothing worse than trying to kept quiet during the don´t panic jokes and the jokes of this book.

The long journey of Arthur and the singular crew of the spaceship named Heart of Gold not only to find the machine who (somehow) can process not only the answer also the question of many life forms have, the meaning of their existence.  This is an excellent comedy and a weird science fiction novel and if in case you watched the movie, many jokes here are more hilarious.

See Your Space Cowboy