Like every year, during the month of October many shops decorate their interiors with Halloween stuff, like every year a lot of people scream words about not celebrate Halloween with weak arguments about the origin of the holiday because it isn’t from Venezuela. But again, is October and I am here writing about it, trying not to use the same arguments I used every year.

But to start this special, there is something taking form during the moments I was writing about Halloween in the past, if there is a group that always been related with this month and its last day are the monster. And it is what I think about them and the situation they are now living.

I think monster represent the fears of their creators, we, the humanity during a specific time. Playing god with science and the horrors of using science without morals is one of the themes in Frankenstein, the fear of an outsider can be located in Dracula and the giant lizard that uses Tokio as its playground is the manifest of the nuclear power and what it can do. And those are a few examples of what I am trying to explain with these lines.

But in some part of coming to this millennium, monsters are not what they used to. Now is common find vampires in High School, zombies now are part of the teenage movies, and the classical monster of Universal Studios are now a new line of toys for girls; very sad, if you ask me.  Once, they were the flesh eater of the living, the living manifestation of the red fear, but they are now something close to a joke; their cousin, Jason and Freddy (and their clones) are going in the same way.