You are not going to see the review in GoodReads, because I don´t know how to show I read this book.  But I know a few things about this books and the author; the first time I read this one I read it during those days in high schools and Edgar Allan Poe is one of many writers I consider the responsible of what I am doing right now, writing and hoping someone is going to read this.

The work of Poe is much known today and it always associated with terror and many others associated the work of this writer with the noir; I think this tale is a strange mixture of both with the narrator and the crime he made and the (lack of) reason why it and finally the sorrow do its work and making the narrator confess.

Because many things are not very clear, like the name of the narrator and his victim, the relation between those two, their names and many other things left behind is one reason, at least to me that make unique this tale.  There is something additional I have to tell, this author is the 101 of short histories and horror tales, this is way he is spoof, honored and famous to this day, two Simpson episode .

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