Are you tired of the endless debates of the politicians of your country and the bad impression they create to everyone who lives there? Well, some like that and a little curiosity make me to watch the two presidential debates of the United States. I was thinking no one can’t be so tacky like the venezuelan politicians, and I was wrong, those two candidates acts like every politicians in my country. They use any means to sell themselves as the saviour of one big country, but they can’t understand where they are getting into.
Rise the minimum wage, more taxes and print more money aren’t the best choices, Venezuela is a grew example of that and the fact bipartisanship isn’t a good choice. Those two represents the worst of a rusty bipartisanship, an old system that can’t works anymore, like Venezuelan political system. United States needs mature people, with logical ideas, less intervention of the state and more economic freedom, because creating more bureaucracy isn’t a way to make a strong economy, private initiatives with the free market is a cheap way to make more jobs, please Americans stop following the Keynesian economics point of view, because the long run is here and a broken windows don’t has an multiplied effects.
Everything of those two are selling is rotten, is the same way took Venezuela a long time ago.

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