I am not a big fan of the writer H.P Lovecraft, in my weak defense I have to say the fact I read a few things of the author; but this short story published in 1920 and the way was wrote reminds me the great horror author Poe.

The short history is about a strange and town, somewhere in the deepest zones of United States, where is forbidden the horrible act of killing cats (a noble law, I have to say). But an old couple of hunters find very fun the (horrible) act of killing the cats; but the cat of a small boy, a traveler, was missing and he prays, I find it he prayed changing the weather and the cats are mad, they want justice.

Everyone in the town was amazed about the tragic final of the pair of hunters, and the wilderness of the cats worked just fine. Is odd, the narration is strange, reminds me an old form of English.

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