Whatever happened with the land of the free?

I’m remembering now how the American Revolution influence the rise of some people in Venezuela, the rich ones, and how Francisco de Miranda (the real Father of the country) admire the work of the Founding Fathers and their vocation to create an example of a country, by the people and for the people. Now that character is seen as mentor and later a traitor, almost forgotten.
But this lines aren’t about my country, they’re about United States and whatever happened with truth, justice and the American way? The same ideas of people like Washington, Luther King, Jefferson and many others.
As a venezuelan citizen, isn’t regular find the worst of the people in our politicians, I find if there is an idiot running the country and idiots voting for him, is because they feel very represented. But I can’t understand how Trump and Clinton are running for president; I barely understand how one gain support because he talks like every citizen in the land of the free whom feel their country is not longer theirs ( the red necks) the people who thinks the red scare is still alive and the other side of the coin, the other is talking for the millennial and the growing young socialist and social democrats.
Is strange, United States is often associated with capitalism. But they are Keynesian, a economy doctrine with more points in common with social democracy  And less with  free market economy. And now, a lot of people whom were running out of their country, in those countries destroyed by socialist practices and I can’t understand why many of them are gladly voting for Clinton? Why?
We’re watching the results of the bipartisanship in the worst recession and in it worst shape. As a Venezuelan, I have to tell one thing, the formula of raising the minimum wage, more public spending is the recipes for chaos.



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