Horror and science fiction had share elements since their birth, and this work is one of many that confirms this; I remember hear about this novella in a documentary about the evolution of science fiction as a genre in many forms. But is most famous thanks two adaptation to the silver screen, one in 1951 and other in 1982 by John Carpenter.

Published in 1938, and daughter of that period of time, this novella tells us the cautionary story about a very different kind of invasion, a very dark one that replace the person near you; and the story about a group of scientist who find this thing in the Antarctic zone, they are the only one who can stop this invasion, but is going to be a big sacrifice isolated themselves from the others in order to survive. The paranoia is very well crafted but I have to say one thing, is about the style. As I mentioned before, is daughter of the it’s time and I feel this work aged very bad; the message is there, but everything else is very old.


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