The sequel of the adventure novel King Solomon´s mines. A long time ago, I read the first novel and I wondered what happens to the great with hunter, considering the fact that in the first novel is was already an old man, in this one the old age is coming to get him; and the novel starts with a sad point, the dead of the son of Allan. But that fact was the starting point of this adventure, the last one, because he can’t no longer bear the weather of England.  And this is going to be a short review of this book, because is already old, but you need to read it to understand why I keep in silence many points of the plot. This is a good and old adventure history, of an old hunter and his friends making a fantastic journey (again)

And he with some friends set to an amazing journey in the deepest parts of Africa, searching for a lost civilization of white folks.  And what a journey, the author describe the problems of the British colonialism in Africa, the problems that brought and the natives feuds that only increase with the  population.  Those themes the author knew very well, because he was (in some way) part of those, he was a public server in South Africa, where he wrote the adventures of Allan.  And this novel is an example of the Victorian age literature, and I have to warn you, this novel is a reflection not only the ideas of the author, those ideas were shared by many others big countries during those days.

If you enjoy Indiana Jones, look no further because the Allan Series, like the League of extraordinary gentleman you are going to find a good ride here, full of old ideas but well made.