What is happening right now in my life?

Right now, I am writing away from my home and the solitude of my room. I am going to try writing again in English, my reasons to writing again are many ; I am trying to improve my English writing skills, try to improve the number of the visitors and, one of the most important, hoping to go under the radar of the censors.

Right now, I am thinking about the situation in Venezuela and the solution from the crisis is simple, the free market. But is a very risky option, at least to me, because the national currency is something nobody wants. In order to leap to a better place one thing is clear, change the currency and change the government.

But, the most important change us one so big and is going to take (at least) many years. I am talking about changing the people´s mind and the idea they had about the government and the state.

Everyone hates the government, some wants protection from the competition and the money of others, some wants to destroy it but they need that thing to gather money before the fire start and a few more  only want to keep their money in their pocket because, they and I, are feeling choked by others.  And the worst part is, our money is wasted, used to other things, away from something more useful.  But they want us to pay taxes, and I hope you can understand taxation is theft, is not the cost we pay to create a society.


Writing again

I am alive, at least I think that. But I forget this section of this little thing, but I don’t know what to write about. But, I am here trying because this little thing is having visitors from countries where my first language isn’t understand ( Like Indonesia) in other case, from countries where English is the first language and that is the perfect excuse to write again.
I don’t have the patience to write about the situation of my country, because I write about that a lot in my first language, and since the government want to censorship the internet I think one thing. Writing again in English could be a solution, I hardly believe they can understand this lines, at least they try to use the Google translator and I want to believe they are very busy with other things to censor, like the television or the news, than this small site.
And I promise a very long article next to this one. But first I need an idea to write about and to my readers from outside Venezuela, It’s on!

The worst scenario is here, folks

I can’t be more grateful with the election of Trump as the new president of United States. Is a theme with many ways to appreciate it and no, I am not a supporter of the crazy dude and either of the Sith Lord known as Hillary Clinton. The next four years will be a hard test to everyone in this world and if you want to say “thank you” to someone, you have to say it to every socialist, every social justice warrior, to every something-sexual within America and the social networks.
Is the something spoiled inside the American society? Of course, the last election and the winner is a textbook example of that, now we know there were others candidates, but they never had the appeal to be known outside the massive media, often mocked and never take seriously, but the libertarian party is the most known third party in the United States, showing the failure of the election system and the election system.
Blame the patriarch is a joke, bipartisanship isn’t working anymore and many of the Clinton’s plans in economy are simply a hoax. Venezuela always rise the minimum wage and rise the public spending, and the economy isn’t the best one and is often in the bottom of every poll in the topic. Are some Americans wishing for that? You don’t need socialism, you need more of you and less government.
You don’t need to choose between the lesser evil, is time to stop that nonsense. Is time to change and start to choosing, primarily, our best choices to live and some bureaucrats that isn’t going to stomp our ideas and ways to live.

Whatever happened with the land of the free?

I’m remembering now how the American Revolution influence the rise of some people in Venezuela, the rich ones, and how Francisco de Miranda (the real Father of the country) admire the work of the Founding Fathers and their vocation to create an example of a country, by the people and for the people. Now that character is seen as mentor and later a traitor, almost forgotten.
But this lines aren’t about my country, they’re about United States and whatever happened with truth, justice and the American way? The same ideas of people like Washington, Luther King, Jefferson and many others.
As a venezuelan citizen, isn’t regular find the worst of the people in our politicians, I find if there is an idiot running the country and idiots voting for him, is because they feel very represented. But I can’t understand how Trump and Clinton are running for president; I barely understand how one gain support because he talks like every citizen in the land of the free whom feel their country is not longer theirs ( the red necks) the people who thinks the red scare is still alive and the other side of the coin, the other is talking for the millennial and the growing young socialist and social democrats.
Is strange, United States is often associated with capitalism. But they are Keynesian, a economy doctrine with more points in common with social democracy  And less with  free market economy. And now, a lot of people whom were running out of their country, in those countries destroyed by socialist practices and I can’t understand why many of them are gladly voting for Clinton? Why?
We’re watching the results of the bipartisanship in the worst recession and in it worst shape. As a Venezuelan, I have to tell one thing, the formula of raising the minimum wage, more public spending is the recipes for chaos.

Crazy little thing called American politics

Are you tired of the endless debates of the politicians of your country and the bad impression they create to everyone who lives there? Well, some like that and a little curiosity make me to watch the two presidential debates of the United States. I was thinking no one can’t be so tacky like the venezuelan politicians, and I was wrong, those two candidates acts like every politicians in my country. They use any means to sell themselves as the saviour of one big country, but they can’t understand where they are getting into.
Rise the minimum wage, more taxes and print more money aren’t the best choices, Venezuela is a grew example of that and the fact bipartisanship isn’t a good choice. Those two represents the worst of a rusty bipartisanship, an old system that can’t works anymore, like Venezuelan political system. United States needs mature people, with logical ideas, less intervention of the state and more economic freedom, because creating more bureaucracy isn’t a way to make a strong economy, private initiatives with the free market is a cheap way to make more jobs, please Americans stop following the Keynesian economics point of view, because the long run is here and a broken windows don’t has an multiplied effects.
Everything of those two are selling is rotten, is the same way took Venezuela a long time ago.

See Your Space Cowboy

Halloween and October are here, like every year. About Monsters

Like every year, during the month of October many shops decorate their interiors with Halloween stuff, like every year a lot of people scream words about not celebrate Halloween with weak arguments about the origin of the holiday because it isn’t from Venezuela. But again, is October and I am here writing about it, trying not to use the same arguments I used every year.

But to start this special, there is something taking form during the moments I was writing about Halloween in the past, if there is a group that always been related with this month and its last day are the monster. And it is what I think about them and the situation they are now living.

I think monster represent the fears of their creators, we, the humanity during a specific time. Playing god with science and the horrors of using science without morals is one of the themes in Frankenstein, the fear of an outsider can be located in Dracula and the giant lizard that uses Tokio as its playground is the manifest of the nuclear power and what it can do. And those are a few examples of what I am trying to explain with these lines.

But in some part of coming to this millennium, monsters are not what they used to. Now is common find vampires in High School, zombies now are part of the teenage movies, and the classical monster of Universal Studios are now a new line of toys for girls; very sad, if you ask me.  Once, they were the flesh eater of the living, the living manifestation of the red fear, but they are now something close to a joke; their cousin, Jason and Freddy (and their clones) are going in the same way.

The personal dystopia

This is a hard question to ask. Is Venezuela a utopian society or simple a decadent society?

To me, is more the second thing than the other one. In a country whose in charge often claim they are from the people (but the steal their money from taxes, publics fond and many other things) and live a very wealthy live, something is rotten. And more when their call themselves socialist.

While many of the citizen have to wait for hours to buy basic things like toilet paper, food and many other; many of the offspring of the very important person from the socialist party doesn’t feel shame at all when they share their pictures from privates jets, their taking their studies now in countries like France and mane of them aren’t living in Venezuela.

In recent days, the socialist party gave more economic power to the military forces, the other band of vultures; I can understand why they are working together to bleed dry the country and the people. Is very well known they harsh way they behave to the citizen and especially to the citizen, like me, we show no respect to the “Venezuelan revolution”.

Those two are showing their real colors right now, since the oil prices are lowing, they are finding what are left to steal and making some time to make the big escape;   and they understand that local currency is worthless and they need some of the seed of evil, they need to find wherever they are every single  dollars.

And the traitors are other, they can do this because many people see them like a new kind of people´s heroes and they can do whatever they want to do.