What is wrong with the economy of Venezuela? The second part

Well, I am here writing again about the economy of my country, because I need to write about that topic mostly I think I need to do it. What do you need to understand why Venezuela is a disaster? There are many proofs, but I need to use only one, find a bottle of Coca Cola (Coke) is the new item in the list of products missing in our supermarkets.  Adding sodas in that list is something odd, really; you don’t need big inputs to make Coke.

Everything I see, as a Venezuelan citizen, is the result of the controls of the government in the economy. Plus, the ancient idea of Venezuela is a very rich country, idea we are paying right now. Because one question. If we have oil why there is a problem with the gasoline?  The wealth of a nation lies inside the mind of their citizen, but in Venezuela there aren’t citizens.  Venezuela is rich but in natural resources, but in the wrong hands; the hand of the Estate is the one who controls the business of the oil, steel, gold and many others.  Those resources, aren´t in the hands of the people right now, like many often scream.

If I find gold in my garden, I have to sell my garden to the Estate because the laws said so. I don’t have the choice to use that gold to make a small business selling jewelry or something like that; I have to be honest, those laws are dead weight of the Spanish laws during those days where Venezuela was part of the Spanish Empire. In the name of the Republic you simple can´t open your small oil or gold business in the new land of the free called Venezuela. This is a very big disaster, a mixture between the wrongs ideas and the socialism. Because, the opposition in Venezuela is social democrat (Liberal) and is trying to make something with their cousins and we can see now with the dialogue outside Venezuela and showing something, we don’t care about this problem. The inflation, the hunger and many other problems we are dealing right now, is the result of the politics and politicians. No matter how many times we vote, they are negotiating their spot in the power.


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What is wrong with the economy of Venezuela?

The short answer of the question I used as a title of this (lame) article, is simple, everything. But if you want a long answer, well the only thing logical you have to do is read about the current events in my country and use the libertarian ideas (the Austrian economics point of view) in order to explain the situation. Venezuela isn’t a rich country, because the wealth of a nation is inside the brains of every citizen.

Of course, my country has a lot of natural resources to make the economy fly high, but again, the private property is something hideous and this workers utopia is sinking. Thanks to the recent low prices of oil and many years focusing around oil, the only resource the country has to offer to other countries; but again, central planning is cutting the efforts of people with more taxes and minimum wages. We are here now in the end of the yellow brick road, broken and with a dark future upon us.

Let mi tell you something dear reader, everything that lies beneath the soil in Venezuela belongs to the Estate, if you find something like gold, oil or something else you bet everything you have in one thing, in a few days the government is going to take away that no matter if you are going like it or not. We have progressive taxes, the business owners lives with fear when the president scream in television about raising the minim wage and announcing new public spending in military exercises and I don’t know about a new crap. In this workers utopia, there are a lot oil leakage but nobody blame about that, because the only oil company belongs to the state but ecology is a theme many people don’t care about.

Caracas is one of the most dangerous places of earth, but the right to wielding a gun is something like a taboo theme, because the thieves, killers and others friends of the state need those things in order to spread fear in the people. The government is in control of everything, but it finds the way to blame the opposition and the common foes in its imaginary wars to fill those blanks. In order to stay close to those countries in which the common citizen is the real owner of everything he had, you don’t need socialism.

About walking and thinking.

The city where I live it´s not that big, and that is a good thing. Because I can walk to any place I want, but risking my own life because the danger is everywhere and I am talking about a Venezuelan city, one of the most dangerous in the national countdown in that subject. But walking in my city had one big positive thing; I can think very clearly what I am going to write in my blog, I can’t do the same thing while using the bus, every kilometer and every stop somebody comes and tell their tragedy and asking for money .

I was thinking to write again about what used to be a very big geek convention that returned to our country, since they announce the price of the tickets, the date and where they going to make it. Naturally in the capital, but a second opinion about that I think that topic is already wasted and I have nothing more to say about that return.  Every one of the geek world isn´t talking about that convention right now, well that announce created more drama and now, only one person wrote about that,  but boy oh boy, even the queen of the convention in Venezuela escape.

 And the benefit of that is I wanted to write another lines in English, because I have to be honest, I feel like I am not writing so much in this section and I want to have more articles, more visitors from other countries, visits from Ireland are increasing again, the only plus of walking around my city is I am losing weight and I fear the fee of the public transporting is going to be so high one day that everyone is going to walk again or using other ways of transportation.

Writing again, naturally.

It was about time to introduce the new editorial line in this section of my blog. Because, also, I think to improve my writing skills in English and try once more to reach more people outside my first language. And that’s the reason I am here, writing again with the same hope of someone read me.

And I star this article with a question. What am I going to write in this new season of the blog? Well I’m going to start with some minor issues like this, I already finished reading a Japanese comic series called Maison Ikkoku. one of the most famous work of Rumiko Takahashi a female author with some amazing chapters in her life. He was trained by Kazou Koike, the notorious writer of Lone wolf and cub, an economist turned artist the one we can thank for works like Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and many others!

That work, Maison Ikkoku, has its years but it feels like a good classic series in the genre of slice of life with comedy one the strongest genres of the author. And I find very interesting the fact of many of her works are major best-selling books in countries like The United State and many parts of Europe like Spain, Italy and France. That, at least to me, is a very big signal about a talented author who can reach her readers no matter the countries they are from.

The other thing I have to write about is the fact I want to write more, that’s the reason the articles in Spanish are more extended now, reaching around one thousand words, those I feel to need to reach that number. The other stuff I write, the comics, movies and music reviews are now around the three hundred words long. But, what about those in English?

I’m going to not only to write more often here, but try to reach around the three hundred words in every article I wrote here.

October and Halloween and again I am writing about the size of monsters.

October is here, the month of horror and the topic about is valid celebrate the 31th of that month in Venezuela, where the horror is running free;  and the worst part of living in Venezuela, you see the horror from other point of view. The horror of the harmful actions of people and the consequences of those actions, often, making the innocent people paying.

But this line aren’t about that, this time is about my poorly written reviews about books, short tales (in Spanish and English)  and my opinions related to this holiday.  And I want to write about the size of the monster.  Often portrayed as a huge obstacle in the mythology and the highest trophy to obtain, but now, I think the more lethal monster are very small, so small we can even see them.

Bacterial forms are more lethal to us, more than a giant reptile; they can destroy us from inside, and that´s, at least to me, and that´s is even worse than the destruction created by a rampaging creature in a city. The history, our history has many episodes about a common cell, an illness is unleashed. The worst monster is one we can´t see, and this topic is something that Japanese movie directors and comic creators mastered very well.

What is happening right now in my life?

Right now, I am writing away from my home and the solitude of my room. I am going to try writing again in English, my reasons to writing again are many ; I am trying to improve my English writing skills, try to improve the number of the visitors and, one of the most important, hoping to go under the radar of the censors.

Right now, I am thinking about the situation in Venezuela and the solution from the crisis is simple, the free market. But is a very risky option, at least to me, because the national currency is something nobody wants. In order to leap to a better place one thing is clear, change the currency and change the government.

But, the most important change us one so big and is going to take (at least) many years. I am talking about changing the people´s mind and the idea they had about the government and the state.

Everyone hates the government, some wants protection from the competition and the money of others, some wants to destroy it but they need that thing to gather money before the fire start and a few more  only want to keep their money in their pocket because, they and I, are feeling choked by others.  And the worst part is, our money is wasted, used to other things, away from something more useful.  But they want us to pay taxes, and I hope you can understand taxation is theft, is not the cost we pay to create a society.

Writing again

I am alive, at least I think that. But I forget this section of this little thing, but I don’t know what to write about. But, I am here trying because this little thing is having visitors from countries where my first language isn’t understand ( Like Indonesia) in other case, from countries where English is the first language and that is the perfect excuse to write again.
I don’t have the patience to write about the situation of my country, because I write about that a lot in my first language, and since the government want to censorship the internet I think one thing. Writing again in English could be a solution, I hardly believe they can understand this lines, at least they try to use the Google translator and I want to believe they are very busy with other things to censor, like the television or the news, than this small site.
And I promise a very long article next to this one. But first I need an idea to write about and to my readers from outside Venezuela, It’s on!